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Quilt Guild challenge quilt

Our quilt guild had a "Paint chip Challenge" last year. We each had to draw two "paint chips" which are the little sample cards with paint colors on them that you can pick up at any home improvement store. Then we had to make a quilt from those two colors, including different hues of the two colors, along with either black or white. There was also a maximum perimeter measurement that the quilt had to fit within. I was very lucky. My two colors were a lavender and a light turquoise color, which are both colors that I like. I added black to the quilt because in my opinion black makes any color combination just pop. Since I love embellishing quilts I decided on the crazy quilted hexies and am quite proud of how it turned out. Unfortunately, we never did get to show them because our quilt show was cancelled last year thanks to COVID and our guild has been meeting only on ZOOM. Hopefully the end of this year we will all get to share our work.

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